O RLY? OwlI try to stay up on my Internet meme, but I simply can’t catch it all.  Captain Dan Broschart dropped a doozy on me the other day after I probably said something boring and repetitive to him in a chat.  That doozy was "O RLY?"  [See Definition of O RLY?]Thus began a new minor obsession for me, that being the "O RLY?" owl.  I flippin love this owl!

 This guy describes the O RLY? Owl quite well and I feel better knowing that I am not alone.  Know this, if I respond to you in a verbal conversation with "Oh really?" I am actually mocking you and thinking of this terrific creature.

Not much else to say about it, except perhaps…O RLY?

Bush Locked Door Video – Bush Gets Locked In China


Bush Locked Door VideoI have to publish this video of US President George Bush reaching a locked door at a press conference in China.  Bush looks so embarrasingly sad in this.  My pal Ala mentioned that he should have people taking better care of him.  I agree, the poor bastard had to be humilated, you can actually hear a reporter laughing at him on his first attempt.

I wonder what it was like for him to reach that first locked door, give it a solid pull, and then know that probably that second one would be locked as well.  This still-frame from the video of his face–he just looks really messed up.

Bush Locked In Press Conference

Trac Is Totally Awesome

I’m using this software, Trac with my team on a special project  for about a week and I am totally impressed.  This free tool lets you track bugs and feature requests in a logical and handy ticketing system that integrates with Subversion (SVN).  There’s an integrated wiki that you might think at first is unnecessary.  What Edgewall software has done, however, is make documenting incredibly easy by having hyperlinks to tickets right at your fingertips.

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Dreamweaver 8.O Code-Collapse Feature Sucks

That’s right.  Macromedia took two years to go from Dreamweaver MX to Dreamweaver 8.0, and they threw in some features.  They put in a better WYSIWYG, and supposedly made CSS design easier to use.  Really, wys… is not that helpful because you’re just going to have a browser open to your file anyway and be hitting refresh. Whatever.

 My main complaint is that the code collapse feature in Dreamweaver 8.0 totally sucks.  Yes, it is nice to be able to grab sections of code and shrink them down.  What is not nice is that once they are shrunk you get this totally ridiculous little grey box that shows the first five characters then "…"

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Back on the horse.

So–these blog things.  They are pretty hard to keep up.  You don’t write, and then you feel like you should and then you forget your password or whatever. 

 I have a lot of ideas to share, so I’ll try to be better. 

The Political Death of Tom DeLay or "Ethics? What Ethics?"

Tom DelayI don’t think I could watch another day of the developing demise of House Majority Whip Tom Delay without comment.  Last week The Economist published a stinging article on Why Tom DeLay should go which seemed to only pre-date the intensified interest in DeLay’s alleged ethics violations by a few days. 

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Arctic Drilling

Oil RigMy pal Logan Mitchell reminded me of the ongoing effort underway to oppose the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling.  The ANWR drilling proposal has been making progress in the house, so it will come to the Senate for final approval. 

The devout environmentalists are asking Oregonians who oppose the desecration of this protected area to call Republican Senator Gordan Smith’s office and request that he continue to vote against the drilling.

It really is easy to call a senator, I just did. Here’s the advice I followed:
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Soir Noir – Diesel 2005 Spring/Summer Collection

Soir Noir DieselYesterday, I received an unexpected stuffed envelope from Diesel Clothing. The return address was my local store in Portland, and it appeared someone had affixed the postage stamps by hand.

Inside was a nice box with a leather luggage tag and a series of postcards. The bag containing the postcards had a silver sticker designating the package as number 41 of 500 limited “copies.”
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