Most Melodramatic New Years Eve Ever.

‘ve had some pretty awesome New Years Eve’s. Last year I was with close friends at a great house party, the year before we were at Kells. This year we decided to try out Pioneer Courthouse Square–big mistake! It sucked.

The Spark That Creates Life

I was cruising The Drudge Report for some brain relief after five hours of focus and came upon this article on creating synthetic life forms.  The article is about a scientist named Craig Venter who is trying to create life from scratch. Craig’s credentials are pretty good.  Previously he helped sequence the first privately-held map… Continue reading The Spark That Creates Life

Why My Sony Walkman D-NE320 is Better than your iPod Could Ever Be

I have a long-standing rant against Apple’s iPod and iTunes system of consumer enslavement, and have managed to stay well away from their products.  I’m afraid things have not gone as well for my friends.  I’ve wanted to explain my hatred for the iPod in so many words for some time and my recent purchase… Continue reading Why My Sony Walkman D-NE320 is Better than your iPod Could Ever Be

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Hacking the Drop Kick Murphys

I needed a new flyer for my obsessive-compulsive Dave Matthews Band fan site.  I have some obsessive fans on the board who are willing to help promote the site at shows.  They’re like the Jehova’s Witnesses of the DMB fan community. I ran across a flyer for an old Dropkick Murphys / Sex Pistols show… Continue reading Hacking the Drop Kick Murphys

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Super Furry Animals

Holy Crap.  The Super Furry Animals is a totally sweet band.  Last night I went out with some friends to catch Caribou and the Super Furry Animals at The Wonder Ballroom.  We started out at the Doug Fir, where we scored a nice corner booth.  We drank and ate ourselves into good feelings and charged… Continue reading Super Furry Animals

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I try to stay up on my Internet meme, but I simply can’t catch it all.  Captain Dan Broschart dropped a doozy on me the other day after I probably said something boring and repetitive to him in a chat.  That doozy was "O RLY?"  [See Definition of O RLY?]Thus began a new minor obsession… Continue reading O RLY?

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