The Underwhelming 2006 Portland Car Show

I checked out the 2006 Portland Car Show today with a friend and wow, how totally unimpressive. It was like a huge car lot you pay $10 to get into. No Ferraris! The best they could do was an underwhelming Bentley. I wasn’t even enticed to take pictures.

I do have some rather funny videos of a super sleezy guy talking up the Lexus brand, and a Ronald McDonald grabbing his ass in front of a crowd full of kids.

Ronald Mcdonald goes Hip hop Ronald Mcdonald goes Hip hop Ronald grabs his ass

See the Ronald Video

Sleezy Car Show Guy

2 thoughts on “The Underwhelming 2006 Portland Car Show”

  1. ha ha. I like when the guy gets to the part of his script where it clearly says “pause for laughter.” Then no one does, so he keeps going.

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