The Underwhelming 2006 Portland Car Show

I checked out the 2006 Portland Car Show today with a friend and wow, how totally unimpressive. It was like a huge car lot you pay $10 to get into. No Ferraris! The best they could do was an underwhelming Bentley. I wasn’t even enticed to take pictures.

I do have some rather funny videos of a super sleezy guy talking up the Lexus brand, and a Ronald McDonald grabbing his ass in front of a crowd full of kids.

Ronald Mcdonald goes Hip hop Ronald Mcdonald goes Hip hop Ronald grabs his ass

See the Ronald Video

Sleezy Car Show Guy


  1. ha ha. I like when the guy gets to the part of his script where it clearly says “pause for laughter.” Then no one does, so he keeps going.

  2. Yeah Bentley is ok but it’s no Ferrari. Hope you’re having fun – sorry it’s been so long, but say hi sometime, eh?

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