Strong Conversational Variation via Gmail Yields Interesting Contextual Advertisements

chicken coop poultry houseI was emailing with a friend of mine in an exchange over some travel plans and the coming holiday.  Normally, I block all advertisements in Firefox using Adblock, but I had whitelisted Gmail for some reason recently and so I was seeing the contextual advertising displayed on the right side of the web page.

Since I rarely see advertisements, I hardly ever investigate contextual advertising.  But given the sheer variety of products and services, I had to check out some of these:

Hit Me On My iPhone – New Video From Pete Miser

This music video comes from Pete Miser, founding member of the Five Fingers of Funk. Pete hails from Portland, Oregon and his band had a following in the PDX area back when I was in high school.

Apparently, Pete was actually asked to fly to LA for an iPhone commercial and was inspired to create his own. He wrote and recorded the song and then got some help from Merritt Duff and Arrow Kruse putting it together.

With the video remixing you might think it is another parody, but if you listen to his words you’ll come away seeing unique satire. Either way, I’m now officially sold on the iPhone and now intend to liquidate my Blackberry Curve. Continue reading Hit Me On My iPhone – New Video From Pete Miser

A Review Of the Baja Fresh Nacho Burrito

Baja Fresh was blowing up around the time I graduated from college. I had the one near my mom’s house in my phone for a while and I set up a number of dinners for pick up on the way home from my job. Then the quality of their food went south so I stopped going. Fast-forward to this past week when I see a billboard for a new Nacho Burrito at Baja Fresh.

I decided that I must have this new burrito. I finally got around to trying it out this afternoon, so here’s a quick review of the new offering from Baja Fresh.

First, you should know that Baja Fresh was bought by Wendy’s in 2002 for 245 million dollars. I graduated in 2003, so the timing makes sense given the hype around the company. However, in only a few years the business has become increasingly less valuable to the point where it was bought from Wendy’s for a song–David Kim of Anaheim, CA led a group of investors to buy Baja Fresh for only $31 million. Continue reading A Review Of the Baja Fresh Nacho Burrito


Reverend RobI have been ordained as a minister! Yes! I now am qualified for the following:

  1. Perform Baptisms
  2. Performing Weddings
  3. Performing and Speaking at Funerals
  4. Visiting the sick
  5. Counseling
  6. Establishing New Congregations
  7. Ordaining others

I have already done items two, three, four and five–which leaves baptisms, creating a congregation and ordaining my own clergymen and women.

So, to my friends and those I do not know, please let me sprinkle water on your child. I will say some nice words too. I haven’t decided what to name my church yet, but I expect all of you to show up on Sunday for the prayer and the basket passing.

Portland Santacon 2005 – Cacophony Society Descends Upon Portland

Santa HipAbout ten minutes ago about two hundred santas descended on 23rd avenue on their way to the Gypsy lounge. They’re part of the 2005 Portland Cacophony Society.

According to their official webpage, anyone can join in the herd, so long as you wear a santa suit. Includes “A coat, a hat, a beard, red pants and accessories. Gifts and candy for the kids, cash for bars and strippers.”

At their last stop before hitting the bar, I snagged a video of them chanting, “Santa needs a drink!” at the top of their lungs.

Check out a few pictures of Portland Santacon 2005 on my flickr page.


O RLY? OwlI try to stay up on my Internet meme, but I simply can’t catch it all.  Captain Dan Broschart dropped a doozy on me the other day after I probably said something boring and repetitive to him in a chat.  That doozy was "O RLY?"  [See Definition of O RLY?]Thus began a new minor obsession for me, that being the "O RLY?" owl.  I flippin love this owl!

 This guy describes the O RLY? Owl quite well and I feel better knowing that I am not alone.  Know this, if I respond to you in a verbal conversation with "Oh really?" I am actually mocking you and thinking of this terrific creature.

Not much else to say about it, except perhaps…O RLY?