Most Melodramatic New Years Eve Ever.

Portland Commissioner's Office I’ve had some pretty awesome New Years Eve’s.  Last year I was with close friends at a great house party, the year before we were at Kells.  This year we decided to try out Pioneer Courthouse Square–big mistake!  It sucked.  Someone is to blame! 

Read this article to get a taste of exactly how lame our city commisioner’s office is.  Probably the worst part of the article is the author’s attempt to make it sound like the one arrest from last year justifies canceling the event.

I sent the following letter to the editors of the Portland Tribune, Oregonian and Portland Monthly:

UPDATE 1/ 11/05: The Portland Tribune published my letter in the 1/10/05 edition. 



The Portland city commissioner’s office casual dismissal of support for the annual New Years Eve program in Pioneer Courthouse Square caused great disappointment in the public that filled the area in the last minutes of 2005. 

While the decision to continue to support the First Run & Walk was admirable, both the race and the Pioneer Courthouse Square New Years Celebration have co-existed in years past.  Why wasn’t the budget for the celebration reduced and made to rely further upon sponsors rather than canceling an annual Portland tradition? 

The registration tent for “racers and their companions only” was empty and poorly placed because runners were at the starting line blocks away at twelve o’clock.  As our grouped walked away from the most melodramatic entrance to a new year ever, we remarked upon how sad it was that our city wouldn’t trouble itself to support its public in celebrating something as basic as New Years Eve.


  1. Hi Robert,

    In January you wrote this about Sirius Radio:

    “What to do for people like me, who don’t have an office with an outside window and want to listen to Stern or other non-streaming Sirius stations over the web?

    “Stay tuned. in my next entry, I will describe how to listen to Howard Stern at work over the internet using your pre-exisiting Sirius subscription.”

    I’ve looked, but can’t find anything more about Sirius in your columns. Have you got any more hints about how to listen to it successfully on the Internet?? I can’t get ANYTHING the last couple of days. Any idea what’s wrong?


  2. Hey Mary,

    I actually never finished that series. I am not sure if you’re reporting that you’re having problems with getting to the Sirius internet listening–or just stern.

    I wrote that entry because at the time Stern wasn’t available on Sirius’ streaming services.

    Anyhow, the way to set up Sirius for over the web streaming is to leave your satellite reciever unit at home and have the audio out pluged into your audio input on the back of your PC.

    Then you want to run Winamp and set your computer up as a ShoutCast server. You choose the source to be the audio-in jack and with luck you’ll be broadcasting your sirius connection live over the web.

    Shoutcast streams can be protected with a password, but the downside is you won’t be able to change channels unless you have someone at home to do it for you.

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