The Supernatural Lawsuit and Apple

This is part two of a series XR, VR, AR 2022. See also my prior post, Dragon’s Lair and Hologram Time Traveler. It is not a coincidence or a mistake that US Federal Government is suing Facebook (Meta) over the company’s acquisition of Within–the company behind the virtual reality exercise app “Supernatural.” Venture capital friendly… Continue reading The Supernatural Lawsuit and Apple


I’ve greatly enjoyed Alan Krueger’s “Land of Hope and Dreams: Rock and Roll, Economics and Rebuilding the Middle Class” speech given at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past June. In the speech, Krueger compares the economics of the music industry to what is happening in the U.S. economy as a whole. It… Continue reading Rockonomics

Producer Zach Saginaw and his Greatest Tour Story

I’ve been enjoying Sun Glitters’ most recent EP Mouth / Tight and was drawn into Zach Saginaw’s remix of the song “Mouth”. I’m writing to offer some more visibility to Zach and his work. Zach goes by the pseudonym “Shigeto,” which is both his middle name and the first name of his grandfather. This bit of background… Continue reading Producer Zach Saginaw and his Greatest Tour Story

Rock Show Concert Posters 2.0: Now on iPhone and iPod Touch

I’m pumped to announce availability of Rock Show 2.0.  This is the first version of Rock Show that works on the iPad and both the iPhone and iPod Touch.  A lot of fixes and tweaks are in this version of the application, along with some new posters as well! Two articles are up about the… Continue reading Rock Show Concert Posters 2.0: Now on iPhone and iPod Touch

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby Remix

by Love and Light Great song, cool remix.  I’ve been seeing these embedded waveform and music playback widgets by SoundCloud.  Deadmau5 also uses this services for posting experimental clips.  I like the in-timeline comments.

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MIA Born Free Video

Just saw MIA’s Born Free video for the first time.  It contains life-like violence and is difficult to watch.  But it yields a striking combination of sound and imagery with a purpose. Boing Boing has info on the tune.  Amazing how this artist can flex from a $100 music video of her dancing in lasers… Continue reading MIA Born Free Video