The Supernatural Lawsuit and Apple

This is part two of a series XR, VR, AR 2022. See also my prior post, Dragon’s Lair and Hologram Time Traveler.

It is not a coincidence or a mistake that US Federal Government is suing Facebook (Meta) over the company’s acquisition of Within–the company behind the virtual reality exercise app “Supernatural.”

Venture capital friendly startups have multi-billion dollar ambitions. These companies must believe and proclaim they will deliver a product or service can serve as the gateway to entirely new markets by unleashing pent up, undiscovered demand inside everyday people.

Supernatural is not an obvious market making product. This is part of the reason the lawsuit by the FTC might be seen as unusual or even strange.

However, Supernatural combined with a low cost mixed reality headset (like Oculus Quest 2) is a market making product.

Despite being cheesy, and rather low-rent in its production, the product is a breakthrough combination of gamified movement, immersive coaching and music.

It represents the biggest threat to Apple’s beachhead application for the new mixed reality product.

Apple Fitness, Apple Music, Apple watch and the new Apple mixed reality headset are primed and ready to deliver a product experience from the Reality OS App Store that Within could never afford.

However, Facebook (Meta) is prepared to provide bet-the-company resources and support because Within has already built a following in a niche that can crack open the entire fitness category.

Peloton is a tiny concept compared to what Supernatural could become under Meta.

Things happen fairly slowly, you know? They do. These waves of technology, you can see them way before they happen.

Steve Jobs, 2008

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