Reprogrammed Animatronic Bear Band Plays MGMT Cover

Aaron Fechter the President of Creative Engineering, Inc has been reprogramming a working animatronic bear-band set up.  It looks like the company created it for a line of restraunts similar to Chuck E. Cheese.  He’s currently taking cash bids to do syncing or “choreography” for the band members.

The way the performance is filmed and presented are awesome.  Shakey prolonged shots, quick pulls outward.  The overall video quality is low and the colors look a bit washed out.  Everything is blurry and the bear with the guitar has a spooky shadow.   Great media.

New Personalized Hoody From My Sister

I’m totally psyched about custom made stuff and was lucky to get an awesome customized hoody from my sister Hannah.  Hannah is a graduate student at the University of Denver’s Child Clinical Psychology department.

The gift was actually for my graduation from Babson last year when I earned my MBA.  It just took a little while to get to me.  What makes this hoody really cool is that at Hannah’s request I picked out some imagery from my life and she used that for the hoody.

First we have Bredren, my cat who is somewhat famous, (hall of fame on icanhaz) and has a Facebook page with 100+ fans.

The hoody customization. Quite good, no? Continue reading New Personalized Hoody From My Sister

Review of Jandek and Thurston Moore at Hollywood Theatre in Portland

Ask any alternative music afficiando about their feelings towards Jandek you’re almost assured an animated response.  Jandek’s life and music are puzzling to even his fans and yet his following endures.

I had the distinct and rare chance to be in the audience for the Jandek / Thurston Moore show at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland this past week.  What follows is an introduction to Jandek and a debrief of what the show was like. Continue reading Review of Jandek and Thurston Moore at Hollywood Theatre in Portland

The History of the Video Game Development Process

The modern software development process is sort of out in the open. Any sizeable project like a new version of Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop is discussed widely in technology forums and blogs. Although beta testers generally sign NDAs with companies, details or full copies of beta software leaks regularly.

Google’s Android OS is not quite Open Source, but will rely heavily on the Open Source contributions from the public. This past weekend an ARS Technica article about updates to Android acknowledged Google’s creation of a public bug tracking system as a “sign that Google is taking the needs of the Android third-party developer community more seriously.”

Clearly, expectation of visibility into today’s major software projects has increased with the growth of the web. But what about older software? Who is looking into the games and tools that we used on a daily basis 15 years ago?

Know Your Mario History

nintendo power glove is a hardware part of video game historyA new Download Squad article discusses the impending release of a historical documents related to Sega video game development between 1993 and 1994. It claims that a “large community of Sonic fans have been searching for prototypes and lost levels in the games for many years now.” Indeed, you can read the granular details.

The new article says that a community member is planning on releasing “an entire year’s backup of data from the Sega of America offices from 1993-1994.” The article calls the eagerness of the community to review the information as part of a post-modern archeology culture, where people examine the assembly-level code of these game ROMs. Continue reading The History of the Video Game Development Process