Reckless Endangerment of the Developing Mind

The Mercury is a “Alternative” weekly publication distributed in Portland, Oregon. It is published by Rob Crocker and edited by Steve Humphrey. The paper has strong ties to The Stranger in Seattle, Washington through Tim Keck.

The very first content following the Letters to the Editor and Index is a column called One Day At A Time. This column mostly reports on celebrity gaffes but sometimes tries to be more. Last week the author (Ann Romano) decided to write about the death of a young man Bonnaroo. She tries to frame the incident as some kind of joke, saying:

“…But as it is in our national security to protect celebrity tour busses from prosecution, the Tennessee Department of Safety immediately cleared the tour bus driver of any wrongdoing. The irony? The young Ohioan was wearing a Bonnaroo admission armband when he was killed. He had apparently hopped the fence to escape the festival. He’d obviously come to his senses, rejected the jam bands/hippies, and was trying to run away. And they ran him down like a dog.” Read the Full entry under Friday June 16th. Continue reading Reckless Endangerment of the Developing Mind

Super Furry Animals

Super Furry AnimalsHoly Crap.  The Super Furry Animals is a totally sweet band.  Last night I went out with some friends to catch Caribou and the Super Furry Animals at The Wonder Ballroom.  We started out at the Doug Fir, where we scored a nice corner booth.  We drank and ate ourselves into good feelings and charged the meal to our company.  At our brief stop for beer Dana licked a filthy metal mini-mart prong and then we proceeded to Andy Webber’s house.

Andy was happy to see us.  After some carrying on it was time to head out ot the show.  I suggested that we sneak beers into the Wonder Ballroom to avoid spending any more money on booze.  We experimented with placement, some in Booker-t’s boobs, some down my pants but most in Dana’s bag.  Dave does not approve of sneaking things in places.

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