Hit Me On My iPhone – New Video From Pete Miser

This music video comes from Pete Miser, founding member of the Five Fingers of Funk. Pete hails from Portland, Oregon and his band had a following in the PDX area back when I was in high school.

Apparently, Pete was actually asked to fly to LA for an iPhone commercial and was inspired to create his own. He wrote and recorded the song and then got some help from Merritt Duff and Arrow Kruse putting it together.

With the video remixing you might think it is another parody, but if you listen to his words you’ll come away seeing unique satire. Either way, I’m now officially sold on the iPhone and now intend to liquidate my Blackberry Curve.

Hit Me On My iPhone sort of reminded me of this other hip-hop mashup with a bit more of a traditional bit of popular culture, Outkast’s Hey Ya! matched up with cut scenes from A Charlie Brown Christmas:

Pete’s out in NYC doing his thing now, but about a while back he put out this other music video for something called “Scent of A Robot.” [.mov] That is sort of an Office Space inspired film about the future.

Bigups to Pete for keeping it relevant and cool. Thanks to Ross Petty for introducing us to the many legal questions surrounding the C. Brown video in Law last semester.

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