Arctic Drilling

Oil RigMy pal Logan Mitchell reminded me of the ongoing effort underway to oppose the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling.  The ANWR drilling proposal has been making progress in the house, so it will come to the Senate for final approval. 

The devout environmentalists are asking Oregonians who oppose the desecration of this protected area to call Republican Senator Gordan Smith’s office and request that he continue to vote against the drilling.

It really is easy to call a senator, I just did. Here’s the advice I followed:

Soir Noir – Diesel 2005 Spring/Summer Collection

Soir Noir DieselYesterday, I received an unexpected stuffed envelope from Diesel Clothing. The return address was my local store in Portland, and it appeared someone had affixed the postage stamps by hand.

Inside was a nice box with a leather luggage tag and a series of postcards. The bag containing the postcards had a silver sticker designating the package as number 41 of 500 limited “copies.”

Copying Your Movies Onto the Sony PSP

Sony PSP Video Conversion mp4I did a quick summary of the steps necessary to copy a movie onto a PSP for my hair dresser. Here they are:

Here’s a link to the tutorial on how to copy videos onto a PSP.

1. Download this program called “3GPP.”(website in Japanese)

2. Run 3GPP’s setup program and choose English, and to output to PSP Direct Video format

Blog Set Up – Frisky's Story

Frisky The CatThis is a picture "Frisky." Frisky belongs a rastafarian named Herman who lives in Treasure Beach Jamaica. I met Herman while backpacking / vacationing across the southwest coast of the island. He would come by the guest house I shared with some germans and hung out after dinner.