Super Furry Animals

Super Furry AnimalsHoly Crap.  The Super Furry Animals is a totally sweet band.  Last night I went out with some friends to catch Caribou and the Super Furry Animals at The Wonder Ballroom.  We started out at the Doug Fir, where we scored a nice corner booth.  We drank and ate ourselves into good feelings and charged the meal to our company.  At our brief stop for beer Dana licked a filthy metal mini-mart prong and then we proceeded to Andy Webber’s house.

Andy was happy to see us.  After some carrying on it was time to head out ot the show.  I suggested that we sneak beers into the Wonder Ballroom to avoid spending any more money on booze.  We experimented with placement, some in Booker-t’s boobs, some down my pants but most in Dana’s bag.  Dave does not approve of sneaking things in places.

EarplugWe were successful, however.  The first band, Caribou was not very good.  Previously known as Manitoba, they have a terrific sound on disc.  Unfortunatly, two kits and a single keyboardist just doesn’t do well for a live performance.  Who do they think they are, the Allman Brothers?

The Super Furry’s on the other hand, pulled off a great show.  At times it seemed their energy was down, but this did not keep the music from leaping off the stage.  Another downer: the crowd did not cheer and carry on enough.  I think I heard more applause at Portland Saturday Market than at the Wonder Ballroom yesterday.  Wake up Portland.

Moppin' up the concertThe coolest part of the night was when we started getting hammered on contra-beer and Dan began speaking and gesturing like mad until he knocked my the beer cup right out of my  hand.  The beer splashed downward and to my rightish forwardish.  The truly amazing thing was that it went right between the girls.  It only hit their shoes!  Sweet!  I got some bar towells and we got that all sorted out.

Super Furry Animals SetlistMy high point was the performance of Laser Beam, perhaps the coolest song ever.  They ended up playing a 10 song set followed by a seven song encore.  We left just before the end of the world’s longest encore.  I scored the setlist because I am cool.

 Then back to Andys for some drunken yelling and wireless router installation.  We made a lot of noise and then left. Fun times.

Check out all the pictures from the furry night out in my flickr set.

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  1. that was a sweet show. i had such a great time with you guys. im so glad that i have friends like you. even if you are all a bunch of sneaks and cheats 🙂

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