Hacking the Drop Kick Murphys

I needed a new flyer for my obsessive-compulsive Dave Matthews Band fan site.  I have some obsessive fans on the board who are willing to help promote the site at shows.  They’re like the Jehova’s Witnesses of the DMB fan community.

I ran across a flyer for an old Dropkick Murphys / Sex Pistols show and decided it might be a good hack possibility. 

Here’s the original:

Punk flyer 

Click here for full size 

 And here’s my hack:

 DMB Flyer

Click here for full size 

Interestingly, I did all of the editing in Fireworks.  I would have preferred to use photoshop, but it was not starting at that time.  (Installed CS2, to replace junky old CS1)

Long-story short, I am a sa-weet image editor.  And I’m fun at parties.

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