Trac Is Totally Awesome

I’m using this software, Trac with my team on a special project  for about a week and I am totally impressed.  This free tool lets you track bugs and feature requests in a logical and handy ticketing system that integrates with Subversion (SVN).  There’s an integrated wiki that you might think at first is unnecessary.  What Edgewall software has done, however, is make documenting incredibly easy by having hyperlinks to tickets right at your fingertips.

 For instance, I’m taking notes in our weekly meeting minutes and I come up with a list of action items at the end.  I create tickets for them, then link to the tickets from the notes.  Trac makes it  incredibly easy.

 The other part that jazzes me is the integration with Subversion.  I’m using the Tortoise win32 client for SVN (which is also a great tool) and when someone makes an edit to one of my files, Trac lets me know and shows me the Diff.  How sweet is that?

 Anyway, much props to Edgewall software for making Trac free.  I’d say it would only be better if it was Open Source, but the tool works so well, I’m inclined to let them continue to develop it on their own.


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