Missing The Killers

I hunted around on Craigslist all day to get my ticket to see The Killers at the Roseland in downtown Portland.  I emailed and I called and I finally found one for $25, which was basically face value.  I met up with some corny yuppie in The Pearl and was pumped up for the show.

I had some family obligations for Dinner at Jake’s Famous Crawfish, which ended around 9:30pm.  Once home I began dressing up for the show, until my roommate got a text message from a friend in attendance that said The Killers had just walked off stage.  The encore was over

By 10:15, the entire show was over.

 I was appalled.  Not by the money I had wasted, but that a "rock and roll" show would be over by 10:15.  The Shins started at 10:15 a few weeks ago.  What kind of rock and roll headliner finishes their show at 10:15?  What did they have a big day tomorrow? 

The closest I’ve come to this kind of bitter dissapointment was when the Digital Underground came to Portland and played for only 40 minutes before leaving the stage with no encore.



There should be a law against this.


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  1. Is this. . .the uberswank Mr. Banagale of WHS, circa mid-90’s? I meandered here from the SWLLC site, and had to say hello! This is Joe Theissen – I talk to Dave with some frequency, but haven’t talke to you in years! If I’m on the mark, please drop me a line at jtheissen@comcast.net . . .for now I’ll be brief, since I’m unsure whether I’m sending YOU a message or simply posting to thse site. . .hope all is well – beers are in order.

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