New Ratatat? "9 Beats" Hits Hard

Ratatat 9 Beats Album Cover“9 Beats” a collection of short songs from Ratatat’s Evan Mast has been passing around recently on the web. The album seems to have broken first as a highly priced item on ebay where it sold for 26 pounds ~$47USD back in earlier this year.

Contact information for 9 Beats is provided presumed publicist Hannah Overton. According to the Wikipedia E*vax AKA Evan Mast and his brother E*Rock run the Audio Dregs record label. His first album, Parking Lot Music is from August 2004 and is known for his minimalist electronic music.

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This new set of tracks from “9 Beats.” is not listed on any discography associated with the band. The tracks consist of short instrumental electronic beats, with equal punch to those released on the recent official release from Ratatat, “Classics.”

Whether these tracks are part of a forthcoming release or not, they are as yet unnamed and have not been recognized by the band. The original ebay auction has since been removed, but you can see a screen shot of it here.

Here’s the only existing tracklist, as you can see the longest track on the Ratatat’s 9 Beats is just under two and half minutes:

Ratatat – Track 01 – 9 Beats 2:41
Ratatat – Track 02 – 9 Beats 2:08
Ratatat – Track 03 – 9 Beats 1:53
Ratatat – Track 04 – 9 Beats 1:59 Listen to a Sample of this Track
Ratatat – Track 05 – 9 Beats 2:28
Ratatat – Track 06 – 9 Beats 2:07
Ratatat – Track 07 – 9 Beats 2:01
Ratatat – Track 08 – 9 Beats 2:14
Ratatat – Track 09 – 9 Beats 2:00
The scanned album art provided from the original up reads:

9 Beats

Written and Produced by E. Vax of Ratatat
Published by Hero Music Ltd.

So it is little more than some just badass sounding samples. Get your hands on this ASAP! Here are links to the images documenting 9 Beats from Ratatat:

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