New Personalized Hoody From My Sister

I’m totally psyched about custom made stuff and was lucky to get an awesome customized hoody from my sister Hannah.  Hannah is a graduate student at the University of Denver’s Child Clinical Psychology department.

The gift was actually for my graduation from Babson last year when I earned my MBA.  It just took a little while to get to me.  What makes this hoody really cool is that at Hannah’s request I picked out some imagery from my life and she used that for the hoody.

First we have Bredren, my cat who is somewhat famous, (hall of fame on icanhaz) and has a Facebook page with 100+ fans.

The hoody customization. Quite good, no?

Second, Dave Matthews Band’s Fire Dancer

And the customization. (Cool red fabric!)

Third we have my software development company, Neutrinos.

The logo is an atom-like shape (a neutrinos is a sub-atomic particle) called internally “the space ball.”  This one may be my favorite.

Finally we have a lightening bolt, which signifies the exciting work I did in Cleantechnology throughout my MBA program.

Finally a few shots of me in my new gear:

What a handsome fellow.

Thank you sister, for the wonderful gift, it was worth the wait!

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