Soir Noir – Diesel 2005 Spring/Summer Collection

Soir Noir DieselYesterday, I received an unexpected stuffed envelope from Diesel Clothing. The return address was my local store in Portland, and it appeared someone had affixed the postage stamps by hand.

Inside was a nice box with a leather luggage tag and a series of postcards. The bag containing the postcards had a silver sticker designating the package as number 41 of 500 limited “copies.”

All of the items including the box were debossed with “Soir Noir,” (French for dark night / black evening / etc.) the name of the yet to debut Spring/Summer Diesel line. There aren’t many references to the new theme on the web, a party in Japan and another limited edition belt up on Germany’s ebay. The font on a belt for sale hints at an art nouveau theme.

Tiger Embroidery Zathan CrotchI was trying to figure out why Diesel selected me to recieve their little promotional box. I have a few Diesel items, but I don’t buy it very often. Most recently I picked up a pair of their new Zathan style embroidered pants that are part of “The Future,” their current line. I’m also on the waiting list for the Zathan 708 brand jeans which are supposed to show up in early June.

Clearly this marketing sendout wasn’t simply a splash campaign like the latest Coke commercial. I’m supposed to get these items, feel special, continue to shop Diesel and sell/promote/influence my friends on buying Deisel clothing as well.

Diesel Soir Noir PostcardsDid Diesel’s marketing machine simply notice that I had made a rather expensive purchase recently and is trying to cultivate our merchant/customer relationship into a more regular affair? Was my account hand picked by the local staff, who I banter with about fashion when I walk by–or was it simply random?

Either way, recieving special attention in the form of a nifty box and leather luggage tag does make me excited about the brand. Also, I’m blogging it, so I’ve influnced you too. I guess you could say “la mission a accompli.”

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  1. So, you’re saying if I make an expensive purchase from Diesel, I could possibly receive this marketing package free? Because I’ll do anything for free, no matter how much it costs. Free things Rock!

  2. i wonder what this guy looks like wearing those tight pants going on a trip with that tag strapped to his bag…probably pretty hot.
    It obviously could not have been a random selection, not with that handcrafted package. I’ve been in that Portland store and I’m always impressed by the service and friendliness. Diesel seems to have a great customer appreciation attitude, and in return they will continue to have returning clientel. This guy should feel special that he recieves genuine packages (and i’m sure that he does). HE is like a deisel marketing machine. Good on ya!

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