Arctic Drilling

Oil RigMy pal Logan Mitchell reminded me of the ongoing effort underway to oppose the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling.  The ANWR drilling proposal has been making progress in the house, so it will come to the Senate for final approval. 

The devout environmentalists are asking Oregonians who oppose the desecration of this protected area to call Republican Senator Gordan Smith’s office and request that he continue to vote against the drilling.

It really is easy to call a senator, I just did. Here’s the advice I followed:

Call Senator Smith’s local office at (503) 326-3386. Thank the senator
for voting last month to take Arctic drilling out of the budget bill.
Urge him to stand firm and vote against any final budget bill that would
allow oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge.

If you’ve never called your senator’s office before, you’ll be amazed
how easy it is. Your senator’s aides will be glad to register your
opinion, and phone calls have a very big impact.

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