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copy this path useful windows shell extension creates a context menu itemI use this utility called Copy This Path all the time. It allows you to right-click a file in windows and choose “Copy This Path” from the context menu. This places the complete path in your clipboard, allowing you to paste it into the either email attachment text boxes, or on a webpage file upload option.

There are a number of utilities out there that offer to do this, but I like Camtech’s the most. Their new one requires you to install a suite of other little context options.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the original here for your convenience. It is a must have for any Windows power user. Many thanks to Jerry Campbell who wrote and released it originally as Freeware.

Download Copy This Path

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  1. Just started using this on Windows 7. Works great! Only thing I’d like is the ability to copy the network path instead of the mapped drive letter.

    Example: If I have a networked folder labeled “shared_docs” mapped to the Z: drive, CopyThisPath should copy
    instead of

    Otherwise, awesome utility!

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