Weekly Davespeak Traffic Reach

One of my colleagues at Babson asked me how my Dave Matthews Band website ranks against others on the internet. I had a bit of a cloudy answer so I decided to have a look this evening. I was surprised to find that it appears Weekly Davespeak overtook Nancies.org in reach and page views sometime earlier this year. Reach measures the number of users who frequent a website, measured as a percentage of all website visitation.

Weekly Davespeak dave matthews band website statistics

Weekly Davespeak still lags Antsmarching.org by a wide margin, but I’m preparing some changes and a new service for WDS that has the potential to act as a game changer. It will take time, community effort, but I think that WDS could become achieve the lion’s share of Dave Matthews Band traffic within two years.

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  1. nice going rob. I bet your site will reach its goal. You and your colleagues should bust out the brass knuckles on those Antsmarching chumps

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