Copy This Path – Windows Shell Extension

copy this path useful windows shell extension creates a context menu itemI use this utility called Copy This Path all the time. It allows you to right-click a file in windows and choose “Copy This Path” from the context menu. This places the complete path in your clipboard, allowing you to paste it into the either email attachment text boxes, or on a webpage file upload option.

There are a number of utilities out there that offer to do this, but I like Camtech’s the most. Their new one requires you to install a suite of other little context options.

I’ve uploaded a copy of the original here for your convenience. It is a must have for any Windows power user. Many thanks to Jerry Campbell who wrote and released it originally as Freeware.

Download Copy This Path

I am Downgrading Vista to Windows XP

vista downgrade to windows xp sp2I’m very disappointed with Microsoft Windows Vista and am on the verge of downgrading to Windows XP. I started as an advocate for Vista when I rebuilt my machine in February. However, eight months later it is clear that making the leap was a mistake.

Vista presented an enhanced interface where everything looked nicer. This had a big impact at first because it also seemed to operate at the same efficacy of XP. Over time, I have seen a substantial performance degredation. The shell, Explorer, crashes frequently and the entire OS becomes unresponsive.

Some small but staying problems I encountered:

  1. Vista does not allow access to wave out as XP does. For whatever reason the drivers for my sound card do not allow it to be captured even using this tutorial as a workaround.
  2. Vista does not maintain folder view information. Common sortable column headings such as date modified, type, and size won’t stick. If Vista sees mp3’s in a folder it tries to display totally irrelevant meta information such as “author.” I am tired of adding the correct column information such as Date Modified and having it disappear again and again.
  3. Speed. I liked Aero, but I put a pretty decent processor in there. The Intel Core Duo E6600 coupled with high-speed RAM should have applications flying open. This just isn’t the case, it feels slow.

Continue reading I am Downgrading Vista to Windows XP

Manually Installing Windows Media Player Plugin for Firefox in Windows Vista

Surprise, a complete install of Windows Media Player in Windows Vista does not provide the necessary .dll files needed to play WMA or ASX files in Firefox. This means that if you do a fresh install of Windows Vista and Firefox 2.x and try to listen to an archived program on you’re going to get that this ugly little window: Continue reading Manually Installing Windows Media Player Plugin for Firefox in Windows Vista

Add "Open With Notepad" to Your Vista Right-Click Context Menu

I’m a big fan of right-click context menu choices. I use Enqueue/Play In Winamp, Send To -> Compressed File, and Copy This Path almost every day.

This little registry hack adds an Open With Notepad option to your right click context menu. As Zeus attests, you don’t know blankity-blank about computers unless you open notepad at least five times a day. Continue reading Add "Open With Notepad" to Your Vista Right-Click Context Menu

Common Errors When Installing postgres SQL and Ruby on Rails

I was setting up my local development environment for Podcastinople on my new Vista install and ran into some problems that I was able to find hidden deep in Ruby and Postgres forums and list archives.

One problem I had was that when I was creating some of my local postgres databases using a normal windows command prompt, this would cause it to spit out: psql: FATAL: password authentication failed for user ‘Rob’. ‘Rob’ is the name of my Windows Vista username, and shouldn’t have been a part of any postgres SQL operation, so I was confused.

Then I realized that I needed to be running psql to ‘postgres’ which is an installed shortcut with postgres. Continue reading Common Errors When Installing postgres SQL and Ruby on Rails

Changing Your System Path in Windows Vista

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[Note: Since this was written, I downgraded from Vista (because it wasn’t stable enough) and went back to XP.  These days I’m looking much harder at moving to a Mac.]

One of the things I really like about Vista is the help. So far it has delivered the goods as I get adjusted to the changes from XP. One of the things I didn’t find easily in Windows Vista help was how to change my system path.

A system path is an environment variable and has been around since the DOS days. Back then you wanted to be able to execute certain files from anywhere in your file system. Now-a-days there isn’t much emphasis on maintaining a good system path because people generally create shortcuts directly to the programs they need (or the installation software does it for you). Also most people don’t use the command prompt at this point. Continue reading Changing Your System Path in Windows Vista