Nothing To Worry About

I just returned from an week-long trip in Norway with a handful of Babson MBA visiting students at ITNU in and looking at  renewable energy businesses.  It was a  great time, and I hope to blog about it soon.

For now I wanted to push down my last post about gmail being down with something suitably awesome.  Just before leaving for Norway, my pal Rob Teel tipped me off to a new music video from Peter Bjorn and John titled, “Nothing to Worry About.”

PB&J are not Norge, rather Swedish but I like this tune and more people should see this.

A comment by “Joe” on described it thus:  “These guys are in their element, and they put alot of their money into it, but they feel relax and have no worries when they are doing their thing.

Others would call them crazy for their lifestyle but it’s what they want and like th lyrics says: aint got nothing to worry about.”

I don’t think I can put it much better than that. This serves as the song of the month for March.

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