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Frisky The CatThis is a picture "Frisky." Frisky belongs a rastafarian named Herman who lives in Treasure Beach Jamaica. I met Herman while backpacking / vacationing across the southwest coast of the island. He would come by the guest house I shared with some germans and hung out after dinner.

These times passed very slowly as we sat around a table, played dominos and cards until late having a very mellow party. Near the end of my stay, Herman took me up into the hills of Treasure Beach to see the house he was building. It turns out Herman’s father used to own a lot of the Treasure Beach area. Today it is owned in small and large lots, by the likes of the Kennedy Family.

The inn keeper told us a story about how Herman had once recieved a letter from another part of Jamaica that was addressed simply: Herman Treasure Beach, Jamaica It somehow made it into his hands.

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