Oppression in Belarus

BelarusYou’ve probably heard about the protests and riots going on in Paris regarding the proposal to change how employers can remove younger workers. (CPE) In that situation you have a large group of people who both refuse to accept the reality of globalism and will ultimately suffer an economic collapse because of it.

You may not have heard of the protests going on in Belarus (Bell-a-roose). Belarus is a country of about 10 million people in north-eastern Europe. The country is led by Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Lukashenka is looked upon as somewhat of a villain for having extended his initial presidential term and almost assuredly rigging two more consecutive elections where he was found the victor.

What might be most striking to someone with a North American perspective is the oppression by the Belarus government in such close proximity to the European Union. This oppression was shown most recently during the March 19th, 2006 presidential poll where one of the opposition candidates was beaten and arrested and protesters were put down by riot police the following week.

Riot Police beating Belarus CitizensThe acts of the state riot police against the protesters were caught with incredible clarity through the lenses of amateur and professional photographers. You can view photos of the Belarus government’s violent oppression of its people on Flickr. Also, you may want to watch this frightening video showing clips of the police approaching the citizens and subsequently beating peaceful protestors.

The reason that this situation continues to exist is because not enough of the country’s citizens are willing to stand up to the government. If you’ll look at the pictures and video above you may wonder when the next clash will be.
Not surprisingly, Belarus still suffers from the fallout of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant meltdown. April 26th is the 20th anniversary of the disaster, and is likely mean further demonstrations from the citizenry of Belarus. Needless to say there will be an incredible amount of turmoil before there can be any hope of regime change against Lukashenka.

I invite you to learn more about Lukashenka, who allowed a hot air balloon on an international race to be shot down for violating Belarus airspace. And also Belarus, widely regarded as the last country in Europe to be under the control of a dictatorship.

Most Melodramatic New Years Eve Ever.

Portland Commissioner's Office I’ve had some pretty awesome New Years Eve’s.  Last year I was with close friends at a great house party, the year before we were at Kells.  This year we decided to try out Pioneer Courthouse Square–big mistake!  It sucked.  Someone is to blame! 

Read this article to get a taste of exactly how lame our city commisioner’s office is.  Probably the worst part of the article is the author’s attempt to make it sound like the one arrest from last year justifies canceling the event.

I sent the following letter to the editors of the Portland Tribune, Oregonian and Portland Monthly:

UPDATE 1/ 11/05: The Portland Tribune published my letter in the 1/10/05 edition. 

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Bush Locked Door Video – Bush Gets Locked In China


Bush Locked Door VideoI have to publish this video of US President George Bush reaching a locked door at a press conference in China.  Bush looks so embarrasingly sad in this.  My pal Ala mentioned that he should have people taking better care of him.  I agree, the poor bastard had to be humilated, you can actually hear a reporter laughing at him on his first attempt.

I wonder what it was like for him to reach that first locked door, give it a solid pull, and then know that probably that second one would be locked as well.  This still-frame from the video of his face–he just looks really messed up.

Bush Locked In Press Conference

The Political Death of Tom DeLay or "Ethics? What Ethics?"

Tom DelayI don’t think I could watch another day of the developing demise of House Majority Whip Tom Delay without comment.  Last week The Economist published a stinging article on Why Tom DeLay should go which seemed to only pre-date the intensified interest in DeLay’s alleged ethics violations by a few days. 

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Arctic Drilling

Oil RigMy pal Logan Mitchell reminded me of the ongoing effort underway to oppose the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling.  The ANWR drilling proposal has been making progress in the house, so it will come to the Senate for final approval. 

The devout environmentalists are asking Oregonians who oppose the desecration of this protected area to call Republican Senator Gordan Smith’s office and request that he continue to vote against the drilling.

It really is easy to call a senator, I just did. Here’s the advice I followed:
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