I'm Back

Back 2 the FutureIt’s not that I’ve been on break, I’ve just been getting a lot of my online communication out through micro blogging on Twitter and using Facebook, with a little Flickr thrown in.  I had an amazing summer that included my sister getting married and traveling around the country as a rock journalist. I’m back in Portland, Oregon now a place I love and call home.

Over the summer I also had the pleasure to work with a Babson colleague on CustomMade.  CustomMade is a website that helps you connect with talented woodworkers.   The CustomMade has tons of  custom cabinets, kitchens, homes, and built ins and I found a beautiful wedding present for my sister thanks to that website so check it out.

While Twitter and Facebook are important places to share information, they can’t replace blogging.  My Facebook is private to friends, and Twitter is limited to 140 characters and falls off the searchable web in a scant two weeks.  I hope to bring back more guides, technical tips and ideas, along with notes on music I enjoy.   It is nice to be back and thanks for reading.

Substitute Tool for IKEA Malm Bed Frame and Desk

IKEA Malm Bed Frame Tool Hex Wrench
IKEA Malm Bed Frame Tool Hex Wrench

I’m in the process of moving to Cambridge, MA and was in dire need of a special tool used to take apart IKEA furniture, in particular the Malm style IKEA bed frame.

My brother, the IKEA furniture assembly master specifically said, “Do not lose this tool, we will need it when you want to move again.” Alas, I think it got packed somewhere.  So we needed a replacement or substitute.

The first trick was finding what the tool was called, because it is not a standard hand tool.  It apparently this Z-shaped tool does not have a name, but instead a number, which is 113453. Continue reading Substitute Tool for IKEA Malm Bed Frame and Desk