Doonesbury Comic on In-Class Laptop Use Hits Home

Doonesbury laptop protection style licensed charactersTrudeau really hit home with this comic strip. Every single person in my section at Babson owns a laptop. Nearly everyone brings them to class. Most professors expect a level of multi-tasking, although some only want them open for note-taking.

The situation depicted in the comic actually happened to me earlier in module two. I’ve heard of classes where the majority of students are in a single Skype chat room.

Laptop use among college students has skyrocketed in recent years. I think there is opportunity in offering products that protect and stylize these expensive, common equipment. Here is an idea I recently threw into the bullpen on

Live Nation Positioned for Big Year in 2009

I’ve been watching Live Nation pretty closely since the company was spun off from Clear Channel Communications Entertainment Division. I believe that it is positioned to do quite well about two years out.

Live Nation currently operates three areas of business, Events, Venues and Digital Distribution. Venues and distribution needs happen to be where musicians and artists will be needing help as they leave or avoid major record labels.

A major rift is scheduled for 2009, where Live Nation will be selling tickets for all of its venues without help from Ticket Master. According to the Wall Street Journal the major breaking point was that Live Nation wanted to be able to sell Ticket Master tickets directly through the Live Nation website. Clearly Ticket Master wasn’t willing to give up the brand identity.

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Live Nation Hit a 52 Low Yesterday Thanks to a Bad Market and Slow Quarter As It Works To Expand Operations
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