Three Links: Measuring Page Views, Cloverleaf, and RIM on AT&T/iPhoney

Counting page views as a measurement tool for traffic ranking of websites is out. Average visit length is in. Want a metric? According to Google Analytics, my Dave Matthews Band fan site, Weekly Davespeak had 8,806 visits between July 1st and July 8th. Each visitor averaged six minutes and 27 seconds drifting from one page to the next. Running off that average, the human race spent thirty-nine and a half days reading about Dave Matthews Band on my site this week. I wish I had a site about recycling that was that popular. (via Micropersuasion)

Cloverfield AKA The Parasite AKA 1-18-08 had its teaser trailer break on the web today. You need to check this out, it looks awesome. The movie comes from Paramount pictures and Lost director JJ Abrams “shrouded in secrecy” hoping for free hype no-doubt. It is a disaster film of some kind supposedly shot through home video cameras. (via Quicktime)

Research In Motion’s co-CEO Jim Balsillie has been clowning on AT&T for giving away the farm with the iPhone. He says that AT&T is helping turn carriers into a commodity rather than a brand. Right now carriers create exclusive deals with phone companies to pull customers for the most popular types. There is some irony in Balsillie’s comments coming now–RIM just released its newest greatest phone, the Blackberry Curve 8300 under an exclusive contract with AT&T. (via BlackBerry Cool)

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