The world is (not) flat

Vision Pro is not capable of delivering the level of low-strain fidelity needed to work long hours on anything related editing text. I think it is fair to say a 4k display or near equivalent is the minimum generally needed for this now, particularly for programming. [1]

Spatial Computing is not about arranging windows and using interfaces designed for flat surface devices.

It is about addressing problems using a three dimensional space. Instead of dashboard panels showing graphs in a window floating in the air, there are zones laid out in front of you showing data illustrated using 3D infographics

Apple has had to provide many examples and artful ways to work with windows because it is the only way people understand multi-tasking applications today.

“This device has to be good at window management or it isn’t a useful device” is the reasonable thinking of a person who will continue to spend most of their time in flat-land, relating to others who also live in flat-land computing.

I think Apple knows very well that traditional application presentation is not actually where visionOS / spatial computing aspires to be. You can almost derive this from the types of games they put in the Apple Arcade of the app store. These do more than anything else to show where productivity will go.

Even for programming, spatial computing will shine by providing intuitive and interactive visualizations of software systems and infrastructure. Not because it renders an IDE in a window really well. That’s what monitors are for!

In some way, how we solve problems has to evolve to make use of what spatial computing can provide.

Focusing on how the Vision Pro falls short of presenting the old interaction model served via hardware designed for that model is missing the true intent of the product and where it is all headed.

Apple is in a tough spot with this, because without handling some of the old way, the Vision Pro doesn’t solve any “real world” problems. However, spatial computing solutions to old problems do not really exist yet. Most VP apps are just rebuilt iPad stuff in windows.

I think this is why the home screen apps are locked and Apple is so careful to subjugate apps not designed for VP. Also, why the App Store doesn’t just show you a list of all apps published with VP entitlements.

I suspect they already have internal disagreement between product and marketing on what the low bar should be to qualify for an app getting to be listed as a Vision Pro-ready at all.

[1] I use an XDR Pro at my home office and a Dell U2723QE at my coworking space and the 4k is cringe-worthy in comparison. The VP comes nowhere near the experience of the Dell.

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