My Remarks at the 2009 Babson Entrepreneurial Energy Expo

Yesterday our graduate student energy club produced its annual energy conference. I have many thoughts and good feelings about how the event went. A summary would be ‘smashing success.’

I could not communicate enough to those I spoke with how proud I was of the team of students involved in creating such a professional experience.

Here is a copy of the remarks I made at Babson Energy and Environmental Club’s Entrepreneurial Energy Expo (E3).  Most of the speech was presenting energy club’s Green Stewardship Awards.

pdf awards e3BEEC Green Stewardship Awards

Impressions of the Babson MBA International Component at Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain.

Babson requires its two-year MBAs to complete an international component which may take the form of a “significant international experience.” When I heard that one of the options is a semester (three months) abroad in Madrid, Spain I knew I had to take a hard look at it.

The Babson Office of International Programs hooked me up with a Babson MBA student currently undergoing the program and he found me Andreas Berghoefer. It took some coordination, but after a few weeks, we finally hooked up on Skype this afternoon to go over his experience so far. Hopefully, Andreas doesn’t mind me sharing some of the things he told me here.

In brief: Andreas is from Germany, and a part of the two-year MBA program at Babson College. He was involved in a number of clubs at Babson, especially the Babson Family Enterprise Club. One of his main interests going to the Instituto de Empresa was to reach out to a wider European alumni network.

One of my first questions was on how easy or difficult it is to stay connected to the Babson campus while taking a semester abroad. Andreas said that he still receives all of the emails that he would other wise so that is good. However, he misses out on all of the hands-on activities including Buffoonery which is a bummer.

On the academic side, he said that the quality of each class depends largely on the professor teaching it. Sometimes slides are not translated into English very well and it reflects sort of poorly on what is otherwise a well-regarded program.

Another concern was the administration of the program–which he seemed to feel had more red tape and difficulty in changing than what you’ll find at Babson. He has felt this especially with regards to the IT department which sounds like it is in some state of shambles at Instituto de Empresa. Andreas mentioned that many of the group organization has been outsourced to Facebook at this point. Continue reading Impressions of the Babson MBA International Component at Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, Spain.