Google Search Packaged for Sale

anti-googleJust a quick note to point out that Google is not your aunt May who bakes you muffins and tucks you in when you’re sick.  While it has earned the mass belief that it is the best way to find information, it has also somehow aquired the golden halo that mac users feel towards Apple’s iPod.  This is a mistake.  Google is on the verge of capitalizing on all of its database, which includes an understanding of your financial situation, the decision making process you use to purchase products, your personal information, and most importantly how you aquire new information. 

Google serves up the answers it wants you to see and those answers will become tainted.  A small but important step in this direction recently took place in its aquisition of a portion of AOL.  Google now give preference to AOL’s videos in its video search.  More info.

Update: AOL successfully argued for image ads to show up on Google search results.  Hooray.

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