Github Actions Workflow Visualization UI Update

Last night Github appears to have released a big update to the Github Actions workflow user interface.

While there has not been a post on the Github changelog about this yet, the Github roadmap does list #88 Actions: Workflow visualization as feature that was slotted for Github Enterprise customers but became a release for all users as of mid-October.

Here’s a comparison of a workflow detail view as of yesterday versus today on the same Github Actions workflow. (Note, I also run refined-github so you may notice unrelated style improvements in some elements):

Previous Github Workflow UI
Update to Github Workflow UI

My primary concern with this view was not only related to the visual presentation of workflow, which I had already tried to mend using stylebot) but that the data output from individual jobs in workflows was disappearing and required unexpected refresh.

There is also a new brand new Workflow Summary tab:

New Github Actions Workflow Summary Tab

In this project, I’m working entirely with Self-Hosted Runners that have a fairly detailed CI/CD requirement.

My other projects use Github runners, and I think Github Actions is a major improvement in delivering CI/CD to projects and takes advantage of the resources provided by the Microsoft acquisition via Azure.

If I have time, I’ll offer a more detailed analysis of the change. For now, you can see my previous writing on Running Django Tests in Github Actions.

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