Using the Sony Mylo for Blogging and Reporting

Sony MyloI’m taking the Sony Mylo for a test spin this weekend in Las Vegas, NV for reporting on the two Dave Matthews Band shows going on out there. Last year I reported from Bonnaroo using the T-Mobile MDA, but ultimately returned it due to the costly service contract for data over the cellular network.

I picked the Mylo up from Fry’s Electronics, if I keep it the cost will be ~$282 after the rebate. After playing around with it, I’d say it is worth probably actually worth around $150 to me.

The Mylo does not have access to universal connectivity over a 2.5g or 3g network like so many wireless PDA’s, but it does connect to wi-fi. It has Skype embedded in it, so it potentially could work as a phone anywhere there is an open wireless internet connection. It comes with one full year of T-Mobile hotspot access (Starbucks wi-fi), which costs $29.99/month anyway–however you can only use it via the Mylo device not your laptop as well.

My ultimate goal is to drop my cellular carrier and only take and make calls where there is wireless reception. I think that more and more free wireless will be made available in the near future, and am willing to give up the connectivity for free and new. The Mylo is a good first venture into this area.

This weekend I’ll be using the Mylo to upload pictures from my Sony camera (both devices use ProDuo memory). I’ll also probably do some email and forum posting while away. If things go real well, I may attempt to update the main page of my dave site from the device. We’ll see.

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  1. From the Wikipedia article:

    Using Wi-Fi instead of cellular networks the mylo is targeted to the 18-24 age group

    This means you are too old for this device. Sorry robert.

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