Custom Styling the ShareThis Button Using CSS Without API Calls

ShareThis CSS Style Classes Button

I was just doing a ShareThis icon for a client I’m working with and found that how to properly style the button is poorly documented.  In order to replace the whole icon and text, you are supposed to use the developer API.

I only wanted to style the text, so I was hunting for some CSS to style the text and could not find the right classes to call.  Some hunting turned up the following:

.stbuttontext – This class will allow you to change the look of the text, ShareThis.  You can style it with any normal styling like color or font-family but text-decoration does not seem to work. :p

.stico_default – This class allows you to style the icon itself.  An example on how to replace the ShareThis icon with your own site’s favicon webmonkey is: 

	background: transparent url( no-repeat scroll 0px 0px !important;

I’m interested in any other css that can be used to style the ShareThis button without requiring API calls (if there are any).   if you know of additional classes, or this helped you please post a reply.

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