Selling an iPhone 3GS to get a new iPhone 4 in the United States

People are often surprised to hear that their old iPhone will make their upgrade free or even pay them.  There are a few tricks to helping improve your chances of making money each time Apple releases a new iPhone.  I thought I’d describe how the process works and my recent experience.

There are a number of tricks to upgrading an iPhone in the United States.  Most revolve around the fact that AT&T subsidizes the cost of new iPhones.  So your old iPhone may be worth as much or more than the cost of a new iPhone if you’re up for a two year renewal.

I’ve been lucky to have every model of iPhone break on me at least one time (except the 4 which hasn’t failed yet) and have every phone replaced by Apple.  My iPhone 3G broke twice.  The first was my now well-indexed bit on the white screen of death.  In the second phone, the sleep switch stopped working (a common problem with early iPhone 3G).  Technically, I’m on my fourth iPhone in just over two years.

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View Source from Safari on iPad

UPDATE: Thank you to Rixtur for the update for iOS 6. Steps updated.

I’ve been enjoying the iPad quite a bit.  This device is going to change everything.  I have lots of thoughts, one of which is that the iPad will be a high productivity device.  Feeding into that, here’s a quick way to view the html, css and javascript source code of a web page from Safari on the iPad.
This guide is adapted from Dustin Caruso’s note on viewing source in Safari for the iPhone.

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iPhone White Screen / Sleep State Problem

I ditched my Blackberry Curve and picked up an black 16 gigabyte 3g iPhone last week.  It had been a great experience so far, with only a handful of complaints.

[Note: Since this entry was written, I have been releasing iPhone applications to the iTunes store.  You may be interested in checking out our iPhone and iPod Touch Applications. -rob]

Yesterday, however I had a serious problem with the phone.  I was at Rock the Bells in Mansfield, MA and reached for my phone only to find that it had a solid white screen.  It would not respond to the sleep or home button.  I tried the hard restart (reset), and it would go blank, then if I did it again, flash the white briefly.  I did the hard restart (10 seconds home and sleep) a few more times and got to the Apple logo.

iPhone White Screen / Sleep State Problem

The device then boot up normally to the home screen, however the moment it went to sleep it would not come back to life.  It would just be a dead screen.  I could get it to come back to the home screen again by doing multiple hard restarts (not every one was successful in getting to the Apple loading screen, sometimes holding the two buttons only resulted in a vibration) but even then it required multiple attempts. If I missed the home screen and it went to sleep then the process had to be repeated.

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Setting Up Bluetooth Sync in Windows XP Using Blackberry Desktop Manager on a Dell D630

bluetooth drivers xp native stack blackberry desktop sync

I have been wanting to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar to my Blackberry Curve (8300) since I entered all of my Babson class data earlier in the semester. My Dell D630 came with Windows XP SP2 installed.  When I installed the Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.2 SP2 and chose the Connection Options I noticed that the Bluetooth sync options were greyed out (disabled) and inaccessible.

I did some searching around and found that for whatever reason, the Blackberry desktop manager’s Bluetooth sync is not compatible with any third party Bluetooth drivers. It turns out you must use XP’s native Bluetooth drivers in order to get the Desktop Manager Connection Settings to properly recognize that you have Bluetooth at all.

The fault lies squarely with Research In Motion (RIM) for not creating a desktop management solution that recognizes major Bluetooth drivers like Toshiba’s. I think that this shows that they clearly do not care about giving their customers an easy opportunity to sync their blackberry over Bluetooth.

If you configured it so when you bought it, your Dell D630 has a Bluetooth device built into the box. When Dell sets the computer up at the factory, they install Toshiba Bluetooth Stack drivers. From what I can tell, the reason Dell uses its own drivers is because they have extensions that control other hardware on the laptop. Specifically, the little LED that lights up the Bluetooth icon near the WiFi light on the laptop itself. Using the Toshiba driver, if you turn off the Bluetooth this light goes off. If you change it over to the Windows driver the light will stay on whether Bluetooth is enabled or not.

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This takes away a glance intelligence at your current battery consumption, and I have not determined how to power off Bluetooth to save battery life using the XP driver. So there is significant sacrifice in making this change, it may be that if syncing wirelessly is not very important to you, then you should simply keep the Toshiba drivers and keep a USB cable at home and at work so that you don’t have to mess around with Dell’s D630 native driver set.

A final note on this: The Blackberry application loader and media loader tools are not available over Bluetooth. So this means that setting up your Blackberry to sync over Bluetooth is only worthwhile if you need to be able to sync calendar, task and contact information frequently without being encumbered by a USB cable.
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Returning the Sony Mylo

So I’m back from a great trip to Vegas. I had a great time and met some awesome people. That’s for a different post though. I want to debrief on the Sony Mylo. The verdict is that I am going to return it. Here’s why:

Minor annoyances:

  1. annoyedThe screen is too small to browse the web easily. Even if you use the single column or zoomed out display it is annoying. The device lets you scroll around a web page by hitting the Function key twice (locking it) then using the arrow keys. Alternatively, you can just use the arrow keys which jumps your cursor and the view focus from one link to the next available link in that direction. I found that since links aren’t always in a direct line, I needed to constantly cycle between the function’d movement and non-functioned so I could view the page and then select link I wanted.
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