Added Recently Listened Tracks Via Plugin For WordPress

I listen to a lot of music both at work and home using Winamp. Back in the hay’ I used Audioscrobbler to keep track of my listening habits. Audioscrobbler became, which is a wee bit bloated for me, but still does a good job of keeping track of my listening habits no matter which computer I’m on.

Anyhow, Anne asked me what I was listening to and I said, “check my page.” or something lame like that.  This prompted me to just add a recent tracks sidebar panel to my WordPress blog here.  You’ll now find it on the right.

If you’re not scrobbling your music tracks, I suggest you sign up at If you’re not using Winamp, then well, too bad for you. They support iTunes, but I won’t link you there because I think iTunes is bloatware. Here’s a direct link to the winamp plugin download (.exe file!). You’ll have to configure it in your Winamp Options by setting your username and password.

And if you have a blog and would like to add your recently listened to tracks to it, you can use this fine person’s plugin.

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  1. (audioscrobbler) makes downloadable content for many many media player programs including WMP, VLC, Winamp, and many other less known programs. It even logs music played on your modded xbox through XBMC.They also offer many different plugins for adding your track list to sites, blogs, etc. That is much easier than listing 235543 bands. Once you sign up you can also stream music from genres similar to what you have been listening to. has been around for a long time, I have been using it for 2 years or so. I recommend trying it.

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