5 Things You Don't Know About Me

This post is courtesy of my buddy Zeus, who can do home and garden repair like no one else I know under 30.  Jay-Z says 30 is the new 20 though, so 30+ you are still cool.

Here’s the history:

Me >> Jesus >> Gavin Hall » Alex Rudloff » Chris Finke » C.K. Sample » Jason Calacanis » Amanda Congdon » Michael Ambs » Rick Rey » Steve Woolf » Steve Garfield » Jeff Pulver.

And Five things you don’t know about me.

  1. I blew up a fourth of July party.  It was an accident.  Will Emery had a wonderful annual fourth of July party our family was invited to when we lived in Dunthorpe.  I was down on the dock of the Willamette with some other adolescents and we were firing mortars up towards the house as part of a little fireworks show for all the guests.

    One blew up directly over the porch and caused some minor injuries.  A fire truck and ambulance came and someone had WWII flashbacks.  It was a terrible accident and I don’t do any kind of fireworks anymore except sparklers because of this.

  2. I’ve run two marathons.  I ran the Portland Marathon in 2001 and 2002, clocking in at just over four hours.  My brother has since beat both of these times.
  3. Children’s author Brian Jacques once used my initials for a character in one of his books.  I introduced Mr. Jacques to Oregon’s annual librarian association conference around 1991.  He saw me as a mega-fan and before he left he sat me down and asked my initials and wrote them on a tiny sticky-note which he placed in his wallet.

    Over a year later I received the first of several signed first edition novels from his Redwall series.  The second of which included Rab Streambattle, an otter that goes totally insane and kills a bunch of people.

  4. I’ve gone to Bonnaroo with Anne with press credentials the past two years and it has been totally amazing.  Other than getting up close with artists like Jack Johnson, Matisyahu, and Phil Lesh, I’ve gotten a chance to interview Mike from The Streets and G. Love.
  5. I really want to produce entertainment.

I tag Dave, Dan, and Scott.

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