2008 Boston Marathon, Video of Elite Runners @ Cleveland Circle

The 2008 Boston Marathon was today, and the course went just past the end of my block in Brighton. I’m usually drawn to road races as a spectator, since I’m not in anywhere near the condition to execute on a race like this right now, I get my kicks from cheering on the runners of the day.

Part of it is just the energy you get from cheering on total strangers. The other is the quiet self-motivation that I should be in training myself. My two marathons from in Portland are starting to seem a little far off, and neither of them were in a time that would have qualified me for the race today.

I did use the excellent vantage point at Cleveland Circle to take some footage of the elite runners group–ment and women leading the pack. I compiled the video and a few photos into a 90 second video and went ahead and tested out Flickr’s new video features.

It was a beautiful day for a road race.

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